Thursday, July 18, 2013

Durer hand Study

Learn about the following
  • Reductive drawing using chalk
  • Observational drawing of the hand
  • hand proportions
  • religious art in the renaissance
Image of Durer's "Praying Hands"

Look at Durer's Praying Hands and discuss what they are doing and the role of religion in Renaissance artwork.  Note that it is a sketch not a finished work, yet it is important and valuable.  Draw a hand together using basic proportions.  Here are some links that are helpful if you arent familiar with drawing hands

  1. Make a medium ground out of chalk pastel (yellows and blacks are a bit too light and too dark for this)
  2. Smear the chalk with a tissue to make a nice even medium ground.
  3. Draw either praying hands or a simple "hello" hand
  4. Use the eraser to make highlights and your chalk to drop shadows in.

This does get messy so roll up your sleeves and wear aprons!  For younger students we used a hot glue gun to attach watercolor butterflies we cut out of some practice watercolor paper from a previous project.

For images of student work click here or here

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